Jean Rosenbluth

Jean Rosenbluth
Treasurer and Board Member
Jean and her husband, Bill, came to the Colvin Run Schoolhouse in 1985 looking for a place to dance with good ballroom music. Not only did they find a charming, historic building with a beautiful sprung oak dance floor, with bands playing great music, they found some wonderful people who were very welcoming and friendly. In a very short time, Jean was volunteering as an officer in the Colvin Run Citizens Association, which owns, maintains and preserves the Colvin Run Dance Hall. Since that time, Jean has served in various offices, including Secretary, Vice President, President and Treasurer for the past 20 years, as well as on the Board of Directors.

She was appointed Chair of the Historical Committee in 2012 and is currently working with the Great Falls Historical Society to have the Colvin Run Dance Hall be approved as an historical landmark with the National Preservation Trust. Being a steward and taking care of this historical building has become a passion. Jean says, 'This building is such a treasure that we want to do all we can to preserve it for decades to come.' Jean and Bill joined the Capital Cotillion Club in 2010. In her spare time from her work with their business, she enjoys Yoga, exercising, gardening, photography and fostering relationships with her grandchildren.

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