Donna Reid

Donna Reid
Board Member

Late in 2016 while my feet were dancing in the rain and my heart was trying to find itself again, I met a wonderful couple who invited me to dance at Colvin Run.  Despite a lack of much formal training, they assured me I was good enough to dance at their historic dance hall.   Jean and Bill Rosenbluth were the oracles.  

Their charming one room school house was filled with a small town spirit, kindness, friendship, and warm welcoming people who danced with joy and heart.   That quickly made Colvin Run my Happy Place.  My passions in life are my family in all of its forms, music, and dancing.   I was born dancing in a small town in PA and have danced in many countries across the globe.   Enjoyed every dance!   When I’m not dancing, I immerse myself in cooking, baking, gardening, and soothing times at the shore.  I had a wonderful career in international affairs.  I believe deeply in and honor at every opportunity our foreign service and diplomats.  My hope is to keep dancing wherever life takes me.  And oh how we dance at our dear Colvin Run!   My turn to devote some time and energy to preserving our Happy Place for those who certainly will follow to enjoy dancing, it’s a gift from above.    Let’s dance!   

By way of formal education, I was fortunate enough to earn my undergraduate degree at Penn State University.  Yes, I bleed blue and white!  I have a Master’s Degree from Harvard University.  I served on the Board of Directors of Cradle of Hope, a non-profit international adoption agency, from 1997 through 1999.  Currently, I serve in my community on the Charlestown Homeowners Association Board of Directors and on the Architectural Committee.  

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