March 20, 2021

Hello Dancers!

We’ve missed you so much!  We hope that all of you have been staying well and enjoying life as best you can during this pandemic.  We would like nothing more than to announce that we are opening our dance hall, but in an abundance of caution related to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 concerns, the suspension of dancing and other social activities at Colvin Run Dance Hall continues.

We have continued with some additional maintenance activities during this shutdown.  Board members, with major help from several Colvin Run volunteers, continue to work on several maintenance and capital improvement projects.

We deeply appreciate all of you who have donated to help us with our ongoing monthly expenses.  If you haven’t already donated, but would like to do so, there are many ways you can donate:

We are incredibly fortunate to have so many loyal supporters and we want to provide the best place for dancing in the metropolitan area.  We wish you all the very best, and it will be music to our ears, when we can again come together as a community of dancers to share the joy of music, dancing and friendship at our Happy Place! 

Until then, take good care, and stay safe.  We will keep you updated as our plans to open up again progress.

Colvin Run Citizens Association
Board of Directors

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