Meet Our Board of Directors

  • Conrad Heer
    President and Board Member
    Conrad first started coming to Colvin Run Dances in 2002. The Colvin Run school house brought back warm childhood memories of an old school house near his home town that was no longer used as a school, but was used for social events in the community. In addition to the charm of Colvin Run School, he enjoyed the people and found them to be outgoing, friendly and sincere. As the old saying goes, “You ‘bump’ into the nicest people on the dance floor.”
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  • Bill Rosenbluth
    Vice President and Board Member
    Bill has lived in Reston, VA for 45 years. He and his wife Jean have been coming to Association dances for over 20 years. For many of those years, Bill has helped the organization by serving as an officer and by contributing to building maintenance and security. Bill and Jean also help the Association with photography. Many of Bill and Jean’s photos and period graphics are used in Association wall decorations. Bill and Jean regard their Association friends as a part of their extended family and very much enjoy participating in Association activities.
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  • Jean Rosenbluth

    Jean and her husband, Bill, came to the Colvin Run Schoolhouse in 1985 looking for a place to dance with good ballroom music. Not only did they find a charming, historic building with a beautiful oak dance floor and bands playing great music, they found some wonderful people who were very welcoming and friendly. In a very short time, Jean was volunteering as an officer in the Colvin Run Citizens Association, which owns, maintains and preserves the Colvin Run Dance Hall. Since that time, Jean has served in various offices, including Secretary, Vice President, President and Treasurer for over 20 years, as well as serving as a Board member.

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  • Laura Bromberg
    Secretary & Board Member

    In the 1990s, I started learning west coast swing at dances hosted by Craig Hutchinson on Sunday evenings at Vienna Grille and Tap Room.  I had the good fortune to meet Ed Cottrell and Gail Crum at that venue. Years later, when Ed and Gail started teaching and hosting dances at Colvin Run, they introduced me to the friendliest dance community in Northern VA and the best dance floor around!

    I became a regular at Ed and Gail’s Tuesday Night Dance for Everyone at Colvin Run.  Later, when Joyce Szili began teaching and cohosting the 4thSaturday Hustle Dance, I made sure to be there as often as I could.  

    Colvin Run Dance Hall is where I have met many of my favorite people.  Dancing is the greatest fun, but I can say that I have made close friendships at Colvin that extend far beyond the dance floor.  That is why I am happy to serve as the Secretary on the BoD of Colvin Run.  We want this place to be here for the joy of dancing and friendship for years to come. 

  • Brenda Hunt
    Board Member
    I am an Occupational Therapist, hail from Seattle, WA and moved to Alexandria in 1978. I found Colvin Run Dance Hall in 2000, which was recommended by some other students in my dance class. I have been dancing regularly at Colvin Run ever since.
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  • Ed Cottrell
    Board Member
    Ed is a native of Northern Virginia, having grown up in Falls Church. He was employed in the criminal justice field for his entire career, retiring in 2007, following 27 years of service with the US Department of Justice.
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  • Kathleen Milks
    Board Member

    Kathleen was a resident of Great Falls for 44 years and a member of the Great Falls Citizens Association and the Great Falls Business & Professional Association. As a member of the GFCA she worked on land and zoning issues. Kathleen worked as the Business Development Manager, Asia, for The Association For Manufacturing Technology, from which she retired in 2016. She has five sons who grew up in Great Falls, have completed their educations, and are pursuing their careers and raising their families.  She has 7 grandchildren.  In addition to her love of Ballroom, West Coast Swing and Tango Dancing, she enjoys horseback riding, skiing, sailing, and traveling.

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  • Tom White
    Board Member
    Tom and his wife, Susan, first came to the Colvin Run Dance Hall in 2006 in search of a venue to dance social ballroom. They quickly fell in love with the rich history and charm of the old dance hall. 'I still enjoy watching a first-time visitor walk in the door; look at the wood panel barrel vaulted hall and say, ‘WOW’! says Tom. 'The WOW factor is universal for everyone that walks in the door -- this place affects people that way.' Susan adds, 'We were immediately struck by how friendly and welcoming the people were towards us.
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  • Donna Reid
    Board Member

    Late in 2016 while my feet were dancing in the rain and my heart was trying to find itself again, I met a wonderful couple who invited me to dance at Colvin Run.  Despite a lack of much formal training, they assured me I was good enough to dance at their historic dance hall.   Jean and Bill Rosenbluth were the oracles.  

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  • Joyce Szili
    Board Member

    Joyce Szili                                                                                             

    I have been Hustle dancing and competing since the mid 1970’s and was responsible for keeping Hustle alive in the DC area for 23 years (1993 – 2016) through the very popular 'Monday Night Hustle Classes and Dance Party.” I have instructed, judged and DJ'd at many national and regional dance events and received numerous Top Female Teacher Awards. In 2016 I began teaching Hustle at Colvin Run’s 4th Saturday Hustle & WCS dance, hosted by Ed Cottrell & Gail Crum.

    I served on the Board of Directors of the International Hustle Dance Association for 10 years as Membership Director.  As a Director on the Colvin Run Board, I am ready to assist in any way to preserve the authenticity and historic beauty of Colvin Run.  Colvin Run is one of the last dance halls of its kind and we want it to serve our dance community far into the future.

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