Ed Cottrell

Ed Cottrell
Board Member
Ed is a native of Northern Virginia, having grown up in Falls Church. He was employed in the criminal justice field for his entire career, retiring in 2007, following 27 years of service with the US Department of Justice.

Ed began dancing in 1996. In early 2001, drawn by the friendly people and environment, he attended a dance at Colvin Run, and has been dancing there ever since. Since 2009 he has served as a member of the CRCA Board of Directors, and currently functions as one of the members of the Building and Grounds Committee. Ed and his long-time partner Gail Crum have functioned as one of Colvin Run's dance instructor teams, and have worked as instructors for several local dance studios as well as for the Fairfax County Parks Authority. For the past 4 years, Ed and Gail have been the hosts and promoters of Colvin Run's weekly Tuesday night dances, as well as three weekend dance events where they provide the pre-dance classes. Additionally Ed serves as the resident DJ for all of the above referenced events.

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