Kathleen Milks
Board Member

Kathleen was a resident of Great Falls for 44 years and a member of the Great Falls Citizens Association and the Great Falls Business & Professional Association. As a member of the GFCA she worked on land and zoning issues. Kathleen worked as the Business Development Manager, Asia, for The Association For Manufacturing Technology, from which she retired in 2016. She has five sons who grew up in Great Falls, have completed their educations, and are pursuing their careers and raising their families.  She has 7 grandchildren.  In addition to her love of Ballroom, West Coast Swing and Tango Dancing, she enjoys horseback riding, skiing, sailing, and traveling.


Kathleen was elected to the Colvin Run Board in 2011 and was appointed Chair of the Entertainment Committee. She manages the 1st and 3rd Saturday Ballroom Social Dances. In 2011 she became a member of the Capital Cotillion Dance Club. Kathleen would like to see the communities of Colvin Run and Great Falls be more involved with each other. She would like to help facilitate the growth of that relationship by promoting the dance program, and assisting in the preservation of the Colvin Run Dance Hall, so that nice, friendly people can continue to meet there for years to come!

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